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WordPress SEO Course

WordPress SEO Course

WordPress SEO Course

WordPress Search engine optimization for Better on site SEO & higher Rankings in search Engine Google

WordPress Course Description

WordPress SEO is course that will teach and how to optimize your WordPress website for Google search engine and other Search engine. WordPress is platform for building website but can produce a lot of SEO Challenges on Website. Most note able in the duplicate content issues that can your website in penalized by Search Engines.

WordPress SEO with teach how to install WordPress website and making of search engine friendly about google.

You will lean on WordPress :

  • How to use Google Search Console and How to index Website.
  • How to Make sitemap and Submit on Google
  • How to Use Free tool on load Times of your web pages.
  • How to use Internal site linking
  • How to Create a Sidebar
  • How to set up permalinks for web pages url
  • Relevancy of Web page and Rankings
  • How to WordPress comments setup, keep you visitors .
  • How to use categories and tags use and power pages hings
  • higher in Google.
  • About no follow, noindex
  • How to avoid about SEO Terms of Keywords,
  • How to Setp for SEO Plugins your on page SEO
  • How to SEO Setting on On page by Post , Page and Category
  • and used by tags.

About This WordPress Courses

The end of this course you want to be index for website and powerful page rank in google.
you will understand and impotent ow web page terms of SEO and optimization on website.
Most impotent the of this wordpress course you will now the benefits of WordPress website and targeted of keyword rank on google that use of google web master tool and optimized your page listing in Google .

Who is the Target audience?

  • This WordPress Course is for any what witha a WordPress website that want to better rank in google.
  • This Course is impotent for anyone and learn to WordPress site can produce.
  • This course is not for you if you want to learn and build spam links to your site.
WordPress SEO Course
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