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Asp.Net Course

Professional Asp.Net Course in Rawalpindi

Professional Asp.Net Course in Rawalpindi

Introduction of Asp.Net

ASP.NET is a framework for creating web sites, apps and services with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 1.1 Asp.Net Course in Rawalpindi.

Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. Asp.Net Course about professional Training.


C# Course is pronounced “see sharp”. C# is an object-oriented programming language and part of the .NET family from Microsoft. C# is very similar to C++ and Java. C# is developed by Microsoft and works only on the Windows platform. Asp.Net Course at Rawalpindi.

asp.net Training course
asp.net Training course

ASP.NET Overview and Features

  • ASP.NET provides services to allow the creation, deployment, and execution of
    Web Applications and Web Services
  • Web Applications are built using Web Forms
  • Web Forms are designed to make building
    web-based applications as easy as building Visual Basic applications
  • Built on .NET Framework: any .NET programming language can be used (C#, Visual Basic)
  • Complete object model
  • Separation of code and UI
  • Maintains page state
  • Session management
  • Caching, Debugging, Extensibil
  • Asp.NET Course

Asp.Net Course Outline

  • Introduction to web programming and ASP.NET
  • Create web application using Visual Studio® 2010 and C#
  • Create and add code-behind file to an ASP.NET web form
  • Examine common ASP.NET Controls
  • Connecting to a Database in an ASP.NET application and ASP.NET Data Controls
  • Session management
  • Validation controls
  • Master pages
  • Configuring and deploying an ASP.NET web application on an IIS server
  • Securing an ASP.NET web application
  • Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX
  • Introduction to WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)

ASP.NET Course Fee: 9500/-

Asp.Net Course Duration: 1 Month

Asp.Net Course in Rawalpindi for more information Cal Now: 0311-5559404

Professional Asp.Net Course in Rawalpindi
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