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PHP Training in Rawalpindi

PHP Training Courses in Rawalpindi.

php tool to help web developer build powerful website. despite how php powerful it is web developer know how to use a php to its full potential which is where our ultimate php training . The learn php programming for beginners level php Training. the huge value to web development skills in php is one of the most used scripting languages around and this php course will help you master the basics of the php languages so that you can build your own website, The power of php as you take your website development skills to thePHP was developed in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf. He created this language to track the number of people who viewed his online resumé. The only other alternative at the time was Perl, and his computer didn’t have the RAM or CPU available to run a CGI Script (a small program that is run on demand to produce the content of the webpage) every time his page was viewed. The acronym PHP originally stood for ‘Personal Home Page Tools’, but nowadays it is known to mean ‘HyperText Preprocessor’. The first couple versions of PHP (known as PHP/FI – Personal Home Page / Forms Interpreter) were written almost entirely by Lerdorf. He released the code as open source so that others could help in the development process. However, most of the work was done by just him. In 1997, the first real ‘fully powered’ version of PHP was released by Lerdorf,  It was known as PHP 3. Currently, PHP 4 is the most widely used version, with PHP 5 in development (some Beta versions are already out). PHP 4 was based on the Zend Engine (derived from Zeev and Andi). Zend is a scripting engine that sits below the PHP-specific modules. It is optimized to significantly improve performance (Zandstra 2002, p. 10). PHP was running on more than 1 million hosts in November 1999. This number jumped to 6 million in September 2001. Also, the number of PHP sites running on Windows has doubled in the past year. It is expected to become to most popular non-Microsoft scripting language used on Windows by the end of 2004. (Currently it is in 2 nd place, behind Cold Fusion)

php overview
php overview

Next level of PHP Training

if you learn the php systax, development environment and other basic concepts more advanced topics including database stroge and object oriented language using the standard php library and basic php mysql language commands php Training in Rawalpindi.

Learn Advanced PHP Programming Language

PHP Advanced Training course the power of php as you take your web development to the next level. The advanced PHP training with topics on web services, introspection and reflection, Smarty Templates, sessions, different PHP frameworks, and some PHP languages.

php Training
php Training

Who is the target audience?

  • Web developers
  • PHP & MySQL training

how to use PHP, the popular, open-source scripting language with MySQL , the used database management system to create dynamic data-driven websites and applications. Learn basic php command skills, set up databases and create forms, or get advanced php training in site security, content management and e-commerce systems about php Language. Our PHP-MySQL Training are offered at Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Pakistan, PHP Code,

Why PHP?

why php
why php

PHP is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be into HTML. PHP language is advanced php training program, but offers many new features for a professional php programmer. One of the strongest and most significant features in PHP is its support for a wide range of databases ( mySQL). PHP Online Courses,

PHP Training Outline

  • PHP Training Introduction
  • Your First PHP Scripts
  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • PHP Functions
  • Server File I/O
  • Sending Email with PHP
  • Working with the mySQL Database

PHP Training Course Fee: 9500/-

PHP Course Duration: 1 Month

PHP Training in Rawalpindi for more information Call Now: 0332-5649993

Conclusion of  PHP

Conclusion PHP is one of the most widely used web-based languages today. In the future, it will continue to grow and prosper. It’s open-source nature and strong community will ensure its maintained success. Every week, new features are added to the language, which is something unheard of in most other HOL, where it takes years to implement changes. PHP is simple enough to perform even the most mundane task, yet powerful enough to satisfy the professional web-programmer. It can be learned without spending any money at all. It is forgiving in that it won’t crash a system like C/C++ can easily do. These features, coupled with its helpful community of developers, makes PHP a language that will be around for a long time.

PHP Training in Rawalpindi
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