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Jeeto Pakistan ARY Digital Game Show

Jeeto Pakistan ARY Digital  Game Show

Jeeto Pakistan Show: One fine evening, as I was making my way through the corridor; a loud chant grabbed my attention. “KAUN SA DABBA KHOLEIN?” (Which box should be opened?) I turned around to see a bunch of kids encircling a swing along with a young school boy characterized as Fahad Mustafa, the mesmerizing anchor of the ever-popular TV game show; JEETO PAKISTAN. I wondered why this particular contest is able to capture the minds of the young and the old alike. JeetoPakistan

Initially considered to be a copy of Dr. Amir Liaquat’s ever famous Ramzan transmissions, the show managed to make its own space in the world of TV game contests in 2014 in no time after its launch in 2014. Soon, JEETO PAKISTAN became such a sensation that it led to set the trends in the TV game show industry. A chain of such programs emerged to imitate its most popular segments but none was able to achieve such fame as was the fate of Fahad Mustafa’s legacy. Ultimately, even after 3 years of its inception, Jeeto Pakistan is setting the stage for ground-breaking, record-smashing ratings hits. From the houses of elite towns to those of dark slums, the show has created an euphoria throughout Pakistan.

The 2 hour show is divided into various segments like Khul gai Qismat & Baat Banti hai being some of the most popular. The contestants are randomly selected from the audience and are given a chance to win loads of prizes upon completion of certain tasks within a certain time. The prizes range from dozens of gold ounces, lavishing cars, luxurious houses, plots, home appliances, motorbikes to certain funny items such as winning a water-melon. Some lucky participants are also given the opportunity to play from homes and win exciting gifts. Jeeto Pakistan

Although it has been more than three years the show first aired; yet people still aren’t bored of watching the same segments over and over. No doubt, Jeeto Pakistan has set apart the definition of entertainment. The light-hearted conversations of Fahad with the audience, the craze of doing literally anything to win a bike, the fun of watching the anchor climbing up the cars, all of this is enough to bring a smile upon a work-tired or home-sick person. For that reason I think,there’s still a long way to go when this enchanting game-show will turn from a fad to a fade. Jeeto Pakistan show


A very familiar game show to create happiness, optimism, courage, healthy competition and lots of fun amongst the people hosted by charismatic Fahad Mustafa on ARY Digital. A Pakistani actor, producer, host and very well known for his hosting of JEETO PAKISTANgame show.

A game show is divided into a following segment which contains the contestants and the lots of prizes given to the winning contestants, the range of the Prizes from house hold items to luxury cars, cash, gold, motorbikes, Ummrah tickets, Dubai return tickets and lots of other prizes.

  1. Fakhr e Pakistan
  2. Jeet k Dikhao
  3. Khul gai Qismat
  4. Celebrity guest etc
  5. Jeeto Pakistan

All the audience of the show never goes back empty handed to their homes as well as prizes also given to the live callers also. The game show is funded by the commercial brands, advertisement agencies and sponsors at Jeeto Pakistan

The Best Show For Jeeto Pakistan

JEETO PAKISTAN is not only the biggest game show of Karachi it also occasionally broadcasting from Lahore, Islamabad and Dubai. Jeeto Pakistan . Jeeto Pakistan Game show, Jeeto Pakistan fahad mustafa, Jeeto Pakistan big game show, jeeto pakistan family show, Jeeto Pakistan eid special show,

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Jeeto Pakistan ARY Digital Game Show
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