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IELTS Course

IELTS Course in Rawalpindi- Islamabad

IELTS Course in Rawalpindi- Islamabad

IELTS ( International English Language Testing System ) is acpect for Study in work & migration to other countries the any other test. more then 80,000 universities, employee and professional registration bodies around the world wide acpect IELTS ad evidence of your English Proficiency.
learning of Language take time & effort. This IELTS Course is Design to help and Trained for you IELTS test & improve your IELTS Test Format. but should not be Seen as a Substitute language Training and Regular Practice. Online it Center Offer a IELTS Course in Rawalpindi at Coming Monday.

IELTS Course Training
IELTS Course Training

Are you Ready to Take Your IELTS Test?

Before booking of your IELTS Test for the first time. ask yourself whether you have taken the next steps to insure you have the golden opportunity to success.

Have you invested Enough Time in improving your English ?

Learn a English Language one of the best ways to Learn English Language Course. We Will help and improve the specific Skill of speaking, Listening, reading and Writing English.
use your English for every day reading , speaking listing and writing in English as you can this improve you English and therefore your IELTS Score.

  • Spoken English for All time in Friends and Family.
  • listing to English Language , television and English Films,
  • Read English Newspaper as possible.
  • Write a Letters, Email or notes in Best English receive you Written skill.

Test Format and Rules?

AT IELTS you will fined all you need to the Test Format.
Get an overview of the Test Format and 2 Vision of The IELTS Test , IELTS Academics and IELTS Training . The Listening and Speaking of Components are the same for both IELTS Test but Reading & Working components are Different.
Read the Information about candidates book which proves basic information about how to response correctly to all part of the test.

You can also Collect form Copy of Your test Center.

Test Rules and Outline of the Notice to Candidates of IELTS Training. Look at the IELTS band Score table of Description of wich Band Score .
Read the IELTS Assessment Criteria as this will help you understand what the Examines are looking for the Speaking and writing Tests.

Answer & questions Sample of IELTS ?

You Can Try a Free Practice of Questions at: www.ieltsessentials.com/sampeltest
You Can Also Free Download the Office IELTS Practice Material on 2 books available on IELTS books for independent publishers.

ielts Registration

IELTS Preparation Course?

You Can use IELTS Questions interdependently. but if you feel you additional support an IELTS Course for benefits at Rawalpindi, You Will Receive Feedback for you Teacher on you Best Practice of Answer and questions.

IELTS Course Fee: 5500/-

IELTS Course Duration: 1 Month

IELTS Course in Rawalpindi – Islamabad for more information Call Now: 0311-5559404

IELTS Course in Rawalpindi- Islamabad
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