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Howto use WordPress?

Howto use WordPress? About

How to use WordPress? About

Your Web hosting and blog for all setup. its new time to how to use WordPress. if you have already setup for web hosting and WordPress install. please setup install to 2 steps:

First Time in WordPress to Login

first time your WordPress cms has been install on you hosting account. you can login & start the wordpress platform right way. to access the WordPress dashboard area. url is for example www.onlineitcenter.com/wp-admin

Change your blog title Name

when to change a tile and login into wordpress for and is to change the title and tagline for your website. Open a dashboard area the general and settings of General to change of title and tagline.

Write a Blog on WordPress

The most exciting part of blogging is the content you are going to create a website. with WordPress , writing , editing and publishing on content.

Change your WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme change for wordpress. to go for appearance to select for themes and change for new theme. and search a Theme for

new theme a upload theme.

you can active themes within you account and any inactive themes as well. WordPress for Best blogging Theme . WordPress is a Free CMS, and Wordpess.com to create a free blog theme.

Howto use WordPress? About
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